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Client/Participant Feedback:

This was an amazing professional development session. I acquired insight on additional ways to incorporate different modes of assessment in the arts disciplines. I especially appreciated the hands-on engagement during the PD, which makes everything stick with me. -Arts Instructional Specialist

I loved this! It was one of the best in-services that I’ve experienced in my 18 years here. It kept me focused and entertained. It also allowed me to interact with colleagues I don’t normally work with. -Elementary teacher, Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School

Thank you for making learning so memorable! I really enjoyed the activities because they got me out of my comfort zone. Looking forward to using these tips in my future storytimes! Youth Services Librarian, Ouachita Parish Public Library

Excellent! A wealth of valuable information presented in such an inspiring and enjoyable format. Jamie’s passion is contagious and refreshing. -Staff member, The Louisiana Art and Science Museum

Student Feedback:

Professor Hipp truly opened my eyes to the benefits and purpose of arts integrated lessons. I was exposed to a variety of things I will be able to consistently use in my teaching career. (Fall, 2016)

She is a very good facilitator and can make anyone feel comfortable in the classroom. Her class was very hands-on and the time we were actually in class flew by. I didn’t want it to end! (Spring, 2017)

So enthusiastic! She demonstrated overwhelming expertise and experience in arts integration and came to class with such a positive attitude. She made class fun after student teaching all day. (Fall, 2017)

Our class was never once boring or a waste of time. She made every class enjoyable and relevant to our future. I’m so happy I got to have her as a professor. (Spring, 2018)

Dr. Hipp is incredible at keeping students engaged and giving real-life situations and examples that we can apply to teaching. She doesn’t just teach us the correct way but she SHOWS us. (Fall, 2018)

Dr. Hipp is probably one of my favorite instructors I have ever had at LSU. She used the time to actually teach all of us. I learned so much and she kept us moving and involved every class. (Spring, 2019)

She is a great listener and encourages her students in and out of class. She is consitently positive and compassionate. She has a great system for providing lots of feedback to her students. She loves children and is very committed to exposing them to the arts. I hope to be a teacher that has the attitude, knowledge, and passion that Dr. Hipp does. (Fall, 2019)

During the pandemic, Dr. Hipp came up with a way where we would still be able to interact with each other. On the Zoom calls Dr. Hipp was still teaching, and was equally concerned with our wellbeing. For this, I will always be appreciative. During a recent interview for a teaching position, I was asked which class I felt most prepared me to be in the classroom. I bet the interviewers were thinking I was going to say a math class, position that I was interviewing for, or maybe classroom management. But I surprised them all when I said my arts integration class. Dr. Hipp allowed this class to be both safe and fun. (Spring, 2020)

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